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Surface Place

Scape: Friday, December 10, 2010 - Wednesday, January 12, 2011. Through a combination of forms, ten artists including Jan Christopher-Berkson explore the contemporary aspects of landscape and their unique relationship to the subject as content. Guest curated by Daniel Schmid. The Nicole Villeneuve Gallery, 410 S. Michigan Ave., Suite 629, Chicago, IL 60605, 312-623-1120.

Inside Looking Out

"Inside Looking Out"   "Inside Looking Out"

Solo show, Illinois State Museum Chicago Gallery, James R. Thompson Center, Chicago, Illinois, November 22 through December 28, 2015.

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Paul VerBurg Studio

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2009-2010 works on paper

2009 oil on canvas

2008 and earlier

Links to individual works

A Different Kind of Heart

Abstraction No. 1

Abstraction No. 4

After Deineka

After the Rain

Arch Passing Through Rectangle

Backward Glancing


Beach Rocks

Blood Moon

Boulder Hole

Boy with Frog

Boys with Frogs

Brillo Park


Burchart Garden with Stripes

Call Me Anything You Want

Catching Up To My Past

Catching Up With My Past

Chasm Falls

Come Worship With Us

Coming Around Again

Dinner Party


Drawing Shadows

Even Aliens Have Dreams

Flamingos and Glass

Florida Still Life

Five Triangles and Three Circles

Foursquare and Then Some

Garden Path

Getty Cistern

Giverny Pond

Giverny Walk

Giverny Willows

Giverny II

Giving It To Chance

Grey Matters


Hanging in the Balance

In for The Long Run

In the Light

Inner Mobility


Just Another Day

Knox County

Knox County Part 1

Knox County Part 2

Knox County Part 3

Knox County Part 4

La Petit Mort

Landscape 1

Landscape 3

Landscape 7

Landscape 8

Landscape 9

Landscape 10

Lost Inside America

Love Gone Wrong

Lunch at the Silver Spray

Measuring Time


More Thoughts on Color and Landscape

More Thoughts on Color and Landscape 2

My French Side

Night Pond

Orlando’s View


Paris Park

Pink Rocks

Poisoning Any Possibility

Poor Man’s Umbrella

Pueblo Kitchen

Putting It To Rest

Red Columns

Red Corn

Reflecting Pond

Sanibel Driveway

Sanibel Palm

Settling For Less

She Had Some Horses

Shits and Grins

Sky City

Slow Burn

Snake Pit

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Spiderbot Park

Stairs and Lamp

Statue and Topiary

Summer Light


Sympathy for the City

closeup, Sympathy for the City

The Enigma of a Path

Thoughts on Color and Landscape

Thoughts on Color and Landscape 2

Threat of Heavy Weather

Time Will Crawl


Two Black Squares With Shapes

Waking Up

Walking Out of the Picture

What More Will Be Lost

What Once Was Ours

What Once Was Ours 2

White Wheat

Unfinished Business


Untitled Abstraction No. 3

Untitled With Blue

Untitled With Orange Trapezium

Untitled with Three Sections of Shapes

Using My Soul to Fix What’s Wrong With You

Year In Review

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